About Us

XUZ- Handmade Lovers was born in 2008 with the reinvention of clogs and Portuguese clogs, the success was such that months later the challenge was how to turn clogs into boots. The answer was found at a fair in the north of Portugal and despite initial resistance, we managed to convince the manufacturers that it was possible to make boots with the sole of typical Portuguese clogs.

The wood is worked using a manual technique, in a tradition that has passed from parents to children and from grandparents to grandchildren, which allows us to create unique pieces full of personality and innovation.

Throughout these years, XUZ has maintained its line of shoes with wooden soles, always striving to find new types and formats of the soles themselves. Meanwhile, it launched new lines of footwear that do not use wood, but always maintaining irreverence and with its own personality, being attentive to trends but not adopting a follower attitude.